A different approach

There are dive centers like sand at the sea. Most owned by foreign owners or investors. Lenz immediately realized that Daniel and Idi as locals had a completely different access to the country and its people.

The region up to the north, far away from the hustle and bustle around Stone Town, secluded and with natural charm offers unique opportunities to integrate the culture and the original of this island into our concept.

The idea of an ecological dive center with close solidarity to the people of the region and a more natural approach was born.

Not a 5-star grail with inflated tourist entertainment in club style, but authentic, clean and typical accommodation, with traditional offerings including food, music, culture and people.

Our guests have the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the region and the improvement of the standard of living of the people living there.

With this commitment and the involvement of the local community, a joint venture is strived for through education and the active cooperation of the inhabitants, which will bear fruit in the long term.

– Cleaning and preservation of the natural environment
– Improved waste concept
– Renovation/extension of the huts
– Installation of sanitary facilities
– fresh water supply
– planning of a solar power grid

Considering the fact that the average monthly income in Tanzania/Zanzibar is between $80 and $120, the aim is to secure the basic needs of the people actively involved, to improve their standard of living and to promote increased environmental awareness.

Our guests have the opportunity to actively participate and gain direct insights into the problems of the country and its people.