The Team

Daniel for sure is the funniest bird on the tree. However with 6.000+ dives as our dive instructor also the most experienced diver on the plot and a driving force behind the project.


dive instructor, partner

Idi, a quiet guy with a dry sense of humor. 2.000 dives and years of experience as a dive master distinguish him as well.


dive master, partner
Lenz tumbled into the project as a holiday diver and together with his wife Birgit he is the conceptual and driving force behind the project he developed. Lets call him the 'Kraut' that has an eye on everything to be nice and tidy.


designer, projector, partner
Mohamed is our trainee and advanced already to a dive master. He’s a funny guy with a dry sense of humor. He’s somewhat of a shy person once in a while who takes care of his jobs, precise and carefully. He is an excellent guide for snorklers who knows the Lagoon like the pockets of his BCD. You’ll have a cracking time with him - promise.



Our Partners

We focus on working hand in hand with local business and expertise! Therefore we have picked partners with experience, high quality service and friendly atmosphere to satisfy your needs.

Either budget or luxury, action or relaxation – we get what you need and arrange everything for you if you like.

5 %

The Wishing Tree with its small restaurant and hotel is DIRECTLY next to our dive centre! Guests can expect a fully equipped padle court - a novelty in Zanzibar - and soon also a pool. The small hotel is characterised by its lovely spot at the beach, the cozy restaurant (Italian/local), its very good value for money and its friendly staff. Get out of the hut and into the boat with us is the motto here!

FEATURES: Free WIFI, Padle Court, Bar/Restaurant, Beachside
booking code "bluewavediving"

Restaurant & Bungalows

5 %

The Shanuo was indeed our first port of call on our first visit to Michamvi. We were immediately taken with Gillian, the manager, her charm and humour. Here, friendly service, excellent value for money and the small and tasteful ambience set the tone. The dive centre is only 50 metres across the beach! The Shanuo has just been renovated in the low season 2023 and awaits its guests with a fresh look!

FEATURES: FAST Free WIFI, Bar, Beachside
booking code "bluewavediving"

Beach Bungalows

5 %

The Bitcoin Beach Hotel is sometimes only seen at second glance, as it is somewhat secluded from the beach behind mangrove trees and a bridge-like entrance. The path leads the guests to a small oasis with a lovely little bar and swimming pool. After a complete renovation in the low season of 2023, Emilia and her friendly staff await guests to delight them with their charming service and equally friendly value for money.

FEATURES: Free WIFI, Bar, Beachside, Pool, Air Conditioning, Private Beachfront Villas
booking code "bluewavediving"

Beachfront Villas

5 %

The View Of Zanzibar is just a few years young. Joop the owner is a charismatic owner with great ecological ambitions, like us, and an eye for the detail. You'll hardly find a piece of plastic in his hotel! You have a stunning look at the famous ROCK restaurant from the balcony or terrasse. Excellent spot on the beach in an upscale atmosphere. 6 apartments (approx. 50m2) and 1 penthouse (approx. 140m2) await the guests here with a breathtaking view. Each apartment has its own kitchen. The View Of Zanzibar lives and breathes the island and the aspirations of its owners, Joop and Yudee. To the Dive Center it's just a 2 minutes walk along the beach.

FEATURES: FAST Free WIFI, Bar, Beachside, BBQ Area, Free Parking
booking code "bluewavediving"

Appartments & Penthouse

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The Start

Originally Daniel Mutile Munga and Idi Abdhala Stambulli planned ONLY to set up their own dive center with some helpers. But in November 2018 Lenz Leberkern crossed their path during a diving holiday on Zanzibar.

After a trip to the north of the island to the marine sanctuary around the island of Mnemba it was clear to the German that this area had a completely different potential.

But the spot around the island was already quite crowded, even though they started to set up their plans and shop together. This area is a phantastic opportunity to include people and culture to show the guests the heritage of the island. Covid almost ruined everything but with hard work the shop survived somehow. The chance to build their own dive center after their own plans got them to leave this area and move to “The Rock” where the new dive center is built at the moment. During this period, we are diving – of course!