The Team

Daniel for sure is the funniest bird on the tree. However with 6.000+ dives also the most experienced dive master and a driving force behind the project.


dive instructor, partner

Idi, a quiet guy with a dry sense of humor. 2.000 dives and years of experience as a dive master distinguish him as well.


dive master, partner
Lenz tumbled into the project as a holiday diver and together with his wife Birgit he is the conceptual and driving force behind the project he developed. Lets call him the 'Kraut' that has an eye on everything to be nice and tidy.


designer, projector, partner

Our Partners

We focus on working hand in hand with local business and expertise! Therefore we have picked partners with experience, high quality service and friendly atmosphere to satisfy your needs.

Either budget or luxury, action or relaxation – we get what you need and arrange everything for you if you like.

5 %

Enjoy the white sands and crystal clear water of Matemwe beach. Mohammed's is ideally situated for the perfect beach getaway just right next door to our dive center!
booking code "bluewavediving"


Restaurant & Bungalows

5 %

Enjoy luxury accomodation at Alladin's with the best ZANZIBAR can offer. Just 20m away from our dive center!
booking code "bluewavediving"


Boutique Beach Hotel


Fancy a dive - not in the sea, but out of the sky? Go skydive with a certified tandem master and land safely right at the beach! What a blast! An experience you'll never forget!
booking code "bluewavediving"



5 %

Plan and organize your holiday with our travel partner in Zanzibar. We organize your trip to Zanzibar and everything you want to explore at your visit - out of one hand!
booking code "bluewavediving"


Travel Company