January 2020

In the meantime we have to sort the power supply, water supply and internet on one hand and making appointments with companies providing the setup for our solar system to be as autark as possible. In March we plan to set up the first bungalow with the others to follow soon.

December 2019

After buying all the material from local suppliers we startet to build a fence with a local builder. We decided to use typical local material which means wood and coconut leafs. This goes along with bungalows which will also be made of the same local materials with local support (sample picture right at the bottom).

November 2019

Back in Zanzibar work startet on developing plans to setup a lodge, redesign the dive shop and making plans for a rooftop bar.

February 2019

Back home in Germany Lenz and his wife (both designer) immediately started to work. Birgit created the new logo, Lenz set up the all new web site and a facebook page and got in touch with several companies to ask for support for this ambitious project.

December 2018

It all changed when Lenz and his wife jumped into the boat to support the guys to make their dream come true. It didn’t took much to convince them about the new concept…

Start 2018

Daniel, Mohammed and Idi already got the house with reception built in 2018 to start their business as a typicel, let’s call it ordinary dive center.

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The Start

Originally Daniel Mutile Munga and Idi Abdhala Stambulli planned ONLY to set up their own dive center with some helpers. But in November 2018 Lenz Leberkern crossed their path during a diving holiday on Zanzibar.

After a trip to the north of the island to the marine sanctuary around the island of Mnemba it was clear to the German that this area had a completely different potential.

But the spot around the island was already quite crowded, even though they started to set up their plans and shop together. This area is a phantastic opportunity to include people and culture to show the guests the heritage of the island. Covid almost ruined everything but with hard work the shop survived somehow. The chance to build their own dive center after their own plans got them to leave this area and move to “The Rock” where the new dive center is built at the moment. During this period, we are diving – of course!